Think your squad is amazing?
Check out ours.

Our team is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in the video game and entertainment industry. This means the best minds in the world are working for the Moxy token holders by building a portfolio of world class projects. By becoming a Moxy Club member and a MOXY token holder, you put this team to work for you.

  1. Nolan Bushnell

    Chief Knowledge Officer

    Inventor of Pong,
    Founder of Atari

  2. Lawrence Siegel

    Executive Chairman

    President of Atari,
    President Sega Europe

  3. Stewart Bell

    President European Operations

    Co-Founder of MicroProse Games

  4. Matt deFouw


    Blockchain Visionary

  5. Derek Rathbun


    Execution Expert

  6. Tony Bickley

    Chief Product Officer

    EU Head Of Gaming- Konami, Industry Veteran of 35+ years

  7. Nolan deFouw

    Director of Marketing

    Generation Z

  8. David Chin

    Head of Moxy Asia

    Moxy Asia

  9. David M. Otto

    Lead Counsel

    Legal / Compliance

  10. Patrick Storchenegger

    Legal Counsel

    Legal / Compliance – Switzerland


  1. Steve Crocker

    Internet Architect

  2. Bernard Stolar

    Video Gaming

  3. Dooma Wendschuh

    Video Gaming

  4. Brian Weissman

    Video Gaming

  5. Michael Haller

    Video Gaming

  6. Frank Ballouz

    Video Gaming

  7. Germaine Gioia

    Video Gaming

  8. Kirk Furniss


  9. Tony Ho


  10. Sean Hung


  11. Yida Gao


  12. Peter Wong


  13. Samuel Reid


  14. Todd Levering



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