Ready for the next evolution in gaming?

Then you are ready for Moxy!

Moxy introduces “Real Competition” to mainstream style video games. Real Competition allows you to participate on the level you’ve got the guts for.

For the mild:
Proof of Play

Proof of Play rewards you for logging time on your favorite games. There is no need to enter a paid event (you’ll eventually grow a pair though), just play as you normally would. Rewards are paid in $MOXY daily.

For the wild:
Real Rewards

Put your $MOXY where your mouth is! Moxy games feature game modes that require an entry fee. Entry fees create a rewards pool that goes to the winner(s)!

So how does it work?

Think you’re the s*&#?

Challenge other players or squads to play for huge rewards!  Stream some badass content with $MOXY on the line or continue to stream yourself squealing like a prepubescent over new skins and lame level ups… time to get some Moxy!

Cohones wheelbarrow not included.

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Real gamers don’t squeal for skins.

You want games? We got games!

Moxy is THE place for Real Competition! Only on Moxy will you find popular titles with our exclusive Real Rewards mechanics built in.
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    • Sociable Soccer 23

    • Sociable Soccer 23 is a fast-paced, arcade football game from the designer of the legendary Sensible Soccer series, developed by Tower Studios and Combo Breaker,.

    • BattleRise

    • An amazing RPG game that will immerse you in a whole new world. Fight to conquer evil forces and emerge as ultimate force.

    • Super Squad

    • A twitch reflex, high octane mash of MOBA and Arena Shooter; grab your friends, choose your trooper, and launch into a multiverse of fun-filled combat.

It’s time to
join the club!

Moxy Club is your homebase for everything Moxy. Club brings ultimate utility and transparency to its token holders. Be in full control of how you manage your $MOXY and participate in Moxy events featuring Real Rewards. You must be a Moxy Club member to play Moxy games, sign up today!

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Members get ready for the first multi-game tournament for Real Rewards!

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Game studios: Let’s take your game up a level

Moxy API stack is now available for game developers. Integration is easy, the benefits are huge!
Instantly increase the appeal to your game. Real competition for real rewards is a major growing global trend that is taking over. Why let your titles miss out? Moxy enables studios to give the players what they want, give them some Moxy!


Here are some immediate benefits your game(s) will acquire:

  • Instant appeal to a massive global audience
  • Increase profitability with an entirely new revenue source
  • Keep your title relevant with next level user generated content
  • Stand out from other games in crowded genre’s
  • Intensify competition, increase repeat playability, increase stream appeal
  • Much more!

**Moxy adheres to the highest standards of legal compliance which extends to all participating Moxy games**

Moxy exclusive collectibles with programmable utility

Moxy Club is set to launch a unique collection for club members beginning at TGE. Our collectibles are the first to feature “programmable utility”! This means that holders will have continuous perks and utility added to the collectible they hold.
Moxy will be introducing UGC (user generated content) collectibles. If your UGC is used in Moxy events you share in the rewards pool.
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Avatars are coming.

Stay tuned as new collectibles come to the Moxy Ecosystem. Join Moxy Club now to participate.

More Collectibles

Think your squad is amazing?
Check out ours.

Our team is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in the video game and entertainment industry. This means the best minds in the world are working for the Moxy token holders by building a portfolio of world class projects. By becoming a Moxy Club member and a $MOXY token holder, you put this team to work for you.

  1. Nolan Bushnell

    Chief Knowledge Officer

    Inventor of Pong,
    Founder of Atari

  2. Lawrence Siegel

    Executive Chairman

    President of Atari,
    President Sega Europe

  3. Stewart Bell

    President European Operations

    Co-Founder of MicroProse Games

  4. Matt deFouw


    Blockchain Visionary

  5. Derek Rathbun


    Execution Expert

  6. Tony Bickley

    Chief Product Officer

    EU Head Of Gaming- Konami, Industry Veteran of 35+ years

  7. Nolan deFouw

    Director of Marketing

    Generation Z

  8. David M. Otto

    Lead Counsel

    Legal / Compliance

  9. Patrick Storchenegger

    Legal Counsel

    Legal / Compliance – Switzerland


  1. Steve Crocker

    Internet Architect

  2. Bernard Stolar


  3. Dooma Wendschuh


  4. Brian Weissman


  5. Michael Haller


  6. Frank Ballouz


  7. Germaine Gioia


  8. Kirk Furniss


  9. Yida Gao


  10. Peter Wong


  11. Julian Jordan


  12. Alex Moody


  13. Samuel Reid


  14. Todd Levering


  15. Ian Friend



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