Powering the Play & Earn Revolution

Moxy is THE ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and funding “Play & Earn” games. Play & Earn rewards your skill and achievement. Proof of Play™ rewards dedication, participation, and love of the game.

Our team of video game industry veterans have produced multiple #1 titles and INVENTED the video game industry!

Most Play to Earn games are built for the purpose of achieving rewards, NOT for the gameplay. Our team created Moxy to enhance the gaming experience with blockchain technology, taking it mainstream and bringing Play & Earn to your favorite platforms!

Meet Our World Class Team

Moxy brings 3 critical elements together that will take “Play & Earn” mainstream. 
The lack of these elements have resulted in limiting Play & Earn to “Blockchain” games and away from your favorite titles.

    Frictionless user onboarding, automated wallet allocation and easy realization of token utility.
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    Play & Earn becomes plug and play! Moxy handles compliance and tokenomics, satisfying both developers and publishers.
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    With Moxy, the community decides what gets funded, what Play & Earn mechanics are implemented and what games are published!
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Moxy Exclusive:
Proof of Play

Moxy introduces an entire new way to earn rewards. Proof of Play measures engagement in the Moxy ecosystem and pays out daily rewards based on that engagement. Proof of Play rewards can be earned in many ways such as: logging play time on any game within Moxy, participating in voting events, social media stream / posts, referring people to Moxy Club and much much more.

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Moxy Exclusive:
Moxy Vault

Club members can gain MV (a Moxy subtoken) at any time by burning MOXY to MV in a 1:1 ratio. MV holders earn daily rewards PAID IN MOXY based on the number of MV tokens they hold and how long they hold them for. The more MOXY you burn to Vault the more daily rewards you earn. The longer you hold MV, the greater the daily rewards become.

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MOX public pre-sale will be exclusively offered to Moxy Club members.  Note: exact date and time of pre-sale is subject to change.

Moxy Launch Token Lifecycle


The Timeline

    • December 2021

      Pre-Registration For Moxy Club Opens

    • February 2022

      Moxy Forge Development Branch

    • March 2022

      Moxy Club Pre-Launch

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Our team is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in the video game and entertainment industry.  This means the best minds in the world are working for the Moxy token holders by building a portfolio of world class projects.  By becoming a Moxy Club member and a MOXY token holder, you put this team to work for you.

  1. Nolan Bushnell

    Chief Knowledge Officer

    Inventor of Pong,
    Founder of Atari

  2. Lawrence Siegel

    Executive Chairman

    President of Atari,
    President Sega Europe

  3. Stewart Bell

    President European Operations

    Co-Founder of MicroProse Games

  4. Matt deFouw


    Blockchain Visionary

  5. Derek Rathbun


    Execution Expert

  6. Tony Bickley

    Chief Product Officer

    EU Head Of Gaming- Konami, Industry Veteran of 35+ years

  7. Nolan deFouw

    Director of Marketing

    Generation Z

  8. David M. Otto

    Lead Counsel

    Legal / Compliance

  9. Patrick Storchenegger

    Foundation & Association

    Legal / Compliance

  10. Nicholas Thomas

    Defied Bank

  11. Lionel Iruk

    Empire Global Partners


  1. Steve Crocker

    Internet Architect

  2. Bernard Stolar


  3. Stephen Hands


  4. Dooma Wendschuh


  5. Brian Weissman


  6. Kirk Furniss


  7. Samuel Reid


  8. Julian Jordan


  9. Alex Moody


  10. Todd Levering


  11. Mission


  12. JD Gagnon


  13. David Deborin


  14. Ian Friend



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  4. Merchant Bank

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  1. Advanced Blockchain AG