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By Derek Rathbun

Moxy Art Contest Voting

Hello Moxyans, We’re delighted to announce the successful completion of the submission stage of the Moxy Art Contest, and the beginning of the voting stage. We want to say a special thank you to all artists that worked diligently to create their unique and amazing Moxy themed art. This competition brought out the creative nature in quite a few talented Moxyans. That being said, all submissions have been tallied and have undergone an internal sweep checking for plagiarism and other violations to the contest rules.  Below, you will find all of the Moxy Art Contest submissions. The winner will be determined based on community voting. Please choose your favorite work of Moxy Art and submit your vote in the form below. The voting period will be open from 12:00 AM PDT August 8th until August 20th 9:00 AM PDT. The winner will be announced on a live broadcast taking place on August 20th. Make sure to submit your vote and make your voice heard! Best of luck to all participants. Note: If your submission has not been featured on the voting, please contact us on the website as soon as possible. Shown in order of submission: 1. Stockervtid (@stockertsg) […]

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By Derek Rathbun

Moxy Art Contest

Moxyans, it’s time to put your creative talents to use. To commemorate the update of the website and evolution of the Moxy brand, we will be hosting an art contest for all Moxyans to participate in. The winner of the Moxy Art Contest will receive a high-end gaming laptop that can be used to play future Moxy titles. Unleash your creativity and imagination by creating the coolest Moxy themed/inspired artwork. The possibilities are endless: submissions can be in the form of 2D/3D animations, still images, gifs, or videos. We are leaving the submission format quite open ended to let you, the Moxy community, determine the direction this contest will take. To enter the competition, artists should post submissions to their public Twitter accounts, using the hashtag “ #MoxyArt “. Entries will be collected and a final Moxy community vote will be cast to determine the winner of the first Moxy Art Contest. Participants can discuss all Moxy Art Contest submissions in a dedicated area, #moxy-art, inside of our Discord Server ( You have until 11:59 PM PDT July 31st to submit your artwork! Note: All submissions must be original art and SFW. Submissions containing plagiarism, copyright infringement, and NSFW […]

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By Derek Rathbun

Play & Earn (P&E) vs Play to Earn (P2E)

The Basics: P&E vs P2E Moxy’s exclusive Play & Earn (P&E) is fundamentally different from P2E.  P2E incentivises a gamer to play a game primarily because of the rewards available; these rewards are the only outcome sought.  The mindset for the gamer is not to play because they love the game, but because of what the reward is.  Usually, P2E games are not engaging and don’t have merit on gameplay alone. Barriers to entry are typically high with dynamics that discourage latecomers, such as the use of NFTs that only allow early adopters to gain an advantage. This adds to the pyramid or Ponzi scheme narrative often associated with P2E games.  This is the opposite of why people play AAA titles; they love the experience and pay for the experience, not the other way around. P&E is focused on enhancing the experience with mainstream- style games that already deliver a great gaming experience.  P&E is predicated on gameplay first, while boasting a bonus of earned rewards that enhances the fun factor. The game should be playable in a traditional manner, where the only motivation is a gamer’s love of the game. However, P&E enabled games will feature a reward model […]

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