MOXY Token TGE Announcement and Exclusive Moxy Club Member Token Sale

July 6, 2023

Greetings Fellow Moxyan,

Now that the Moxy Platform is fully completed, games and utilities have been integrated and
are fully functional, and the Beta Challenge has concluded, we are very excited to update
you about the upcoming Launch Timeline for the Moxy Ecosystem and token.

MOXY TGE is scheduled to take place on July 10 at 10:00 am Pacific Time. This event
marks a significant milestone for the Moxy Platform as we launch the Global eSport Token,
MOXY, which will power the future of eSports. We encourage you to mark your calendars
and join us for the TGE and exclusive Moxy Club member token sale in order to begin your
eSports journey with Moxy on July 15. If you are not already signed up as a Moxy Club
ensure to join the club in order to be eligible to participate at:

To ensure a smooth experience, here are a few important details:

1. Date and Time: The TGE and Moxy Club member token sale will take place on July 10 at
10 a.m. Pacific Time. Please set a reminder and make sure you’re ready to participate.

2. Registration: In order to participate in the TGE, you will need to register for Moxy Club
beforehand. Please keep in mind, only fully KYC verified Moxy Club members are able to
participate. Keep an eye on your inbox for that important information.

3. Whitepaper: In order to ensure you fully understand the Moxy Ecosystem, our goals,
intentions, and objectives, please review the Moxy Whitepaper.

4. Spread the Word: We believe in the power of our community, and we encourage you to
spread the word about the MOXY token TGE in order to expand the global user base of
Moxy Club members. Invite your friends and fellow gamers to join us on this exciting eSports

Next up, here are the important dates:

Starting today: Gear up and log into your account to set up your main-net MOXY wallet.
Get this sorted to prepare for the Moxy Club Token Generation Event (TGE) and Exclusive
Club Sale for verified Moxy Club members on July 10th.

July 10, 10:00 am PST: The moment you’ve been waiting for… Moxy Club members will
be able to purchase main-net MOXY tokens using either ERC-20 USDC or Credit Card. Log into
Moxy Club, and purchase MOXY before the Battle of the Influencers and participate in the
initial game launch! Remember, only fully KYC verified Moxy Club members are eligible to
participate in order to engage in eSports competition. Once you’ve acquired your tokens, you
can participate in voting events featured exclusively on Moxy Club.

Moxy Club Sale: 18,000,000 MOXY at $0.055 USD/MOXY. The minimum purchase per user
per transaction is $5 USD. The maximum purchase per user per transaction is $25,000
USD. There is no maximum limit of transactions per user.

July 15, 10:00 AM 10 am PST: The Moxy Platform is ready, the Moxy games are ready,
and now that you are a fully verified Moxy Club member and have purchased MOXY tokens,
buckle up because the Moxy Platform is ready to premiere during the Battle of the
Influencers official launch event featuring celebrity personalities competing in Moxy eSports!
July 15 is when Moxy will officially launch to global members who are verified Moxy Club
members. As a Moxy Club member, you’ll be able to dive into Moxy eSports competitions
and use MOXY to engage in your games of choice on the platform.

Additional information is available on the TGE Page of the Website at:

Remember, you’re not just a member, you’re a pioneer in the future of eSports. If you hit any
bumps along the way or need help navigating the process, our squad is always ready to

Thank you once again for being a Moxy Club member and supporter. Let’s make the Moxy
Launch and Token Generating Event a groundbreaking moment in the history of tokenized
competitive eSports and video games.

It’s game on!

The Moxy Team