Smoke and Mirrors

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  • Launch Date:
    Fall 2021

  1. Project Description
  1. Smoke and Mirrors

    Smoke and Mirrors, the series, takes viewers on a wild ride inside and outside the center line of commercial transportation. When Alexander Winton invented the world’s first “semi -truck” in 1899, he changed the world. During the turn of the century, companies began transitioning from the horse and carriage to the horseless carriage – TRUCKS!

    Beginning with the very first trucks in the early 1900’s – to today’s modern technological 18-wheeled machines, lies a common denominator – drivers! Smoke and Mirrors is an in-depth, never-ending road-trip of trucking transportation in all forms. The series will be told through the passionate lens of trucking’s biggest advocate and truck historian, Robb Mariani, along with his good friend, professional trucker, Bard Wike. Together, the two self-described “diesel detectives” vow to go behind the smoke and mirrors one case at a time, and dig into trucking’s, past, present, and future