Crypto Fish Tanks

Coming to: PC, Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, Android, IOS
Crypto Fish Tanks is a game about fish…. in tanks!

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    November 2021
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  1. Crypto Fish Tanks is a game about fish…. in tanks!

    Up to 4 players compete over 3 modes by collecting starfish and blowing each other up in numerous different ways.

    Combat is fast, frantic and utterly fun. Whether you’re grilling an opponent or getting battered, you’ll find the combat hilarious and manic, yet deeply strategic in the right hands. Play takes place in specially constructed arenas, each with its own unique theme, features and hazards.

    Watch the latest trailer for fish tanks:

    Fish Tanks First Look

    What’s in the game?

    8 Arenas

    12 Weapons

    16 Characters + 32 Costumes

    3 Game Modes

    Game Modes

    Starfish Frenzy
    The classic mode. Players fight in teams of 2 to fill the base with starfish. The team with the most at the end of the timer wins!

    Team Deathmatch
    Players fight in 2 teams and have a set number of lives. More tanks can be earned by collecting starfish. You’ll need to balance attack and defense in this battle to the death! One fish

    One Tank
    A fast paced Battle Royale mode, with ever fish for themselves. Once you lose your tank your’e a fish out of water, with the round ending when there is 1 tank left. The survivor wins a point and next round starts. The first player to 5 points wins.


    As you succeed in crypto fish tanks you’ll be awarded “in game” tokens. These tokens can be swapped with MOX tokens! Moxy club members will have access to special rewards and MOX token utility that can be used with the “in game” token.

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