Allies Of Crypto

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    January 2022
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  1. Allies of Crypto

    A good game is fun and engaging.  A great game invokes an emotional response and an individual connection with the player . Allies of Crypto takes that one step further and inserts the player into an engaging, player-driven, and community generated world.  

    Allies of Crypto is an epic struggle between factions who each are fighting to shape the world in their own image.  The Rifters, Trads, Mercs, and Gaias are fighting for their very survival against the ruthless Suits and Curates… and never forget the Kuzas: they live in the shadows to make sure everyone who’s got the money, honey, gets just what they need.

    English Trailer

    Using blockchain, modern GPS/geospatial technology, and the latest AI algorithms, Allies of Crypto platform weaves a compelling and dynamically generated world in which each player’s story and actions are important and are then woven into the tapestry of the game world.

    Allies of Crypto incorporates a unique and revolutionary “Proof-of-Play” blockchain to enable in-game currency and economy.  This blockchain also fosters a marketplace where community-created NFT-based content brings economy to everyone involved and smart contracts ensure all parties are compensated fairly.   This blockchain is also carried forward into allowing the real-world to interact with the game world using RFID based technology.  This RFID technology allows for a fun player-driven geocaching experience, physical collectables, meaningful player-vendor interactions, trading cards, wearables, and direct in-game currency to traditional payment gateway integration.  Given the richness of the offering, Allies of Crypto world is an ideal candidate for a future AR experience.

    In Allies of Crypto, change is the only constant.