Expands Its Horizon: Embracing Web3 Games Alongside AAA Titles

March 12, 2024, a leading innovator in the competitive gaming and Web3 space, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion in its operational focus. While previously concentrating on providing integrated gaming infrastructure for smaller and medium sized Web3 and Web2 games, is broadening its horizon to include $MOXY tournament support for AAA games as well as popular Web3 games. This strategic shift is complemented by the development of a new, robust infrastructure capable of serving millions of Web2 and Web3 users from the moment of launch.

At the heart of’s expansion is a continued commitment to innovation in the competitive gaming and Web3 domains, by making $MOXY token competition accessible for more gamers on more popular games. By embracing a broader spectrum of popular games, aims to catalyze its growth in the gaming and esports industries, facilitating access to high-quality gaming experiences for $MOXY token holders, while also reaching a wider audience of potential new Moxy Club members..

“We are excited to embark on this new journey, expanding our support to include a variety of popular AAA games, alongside the Web3 and indie Web2 games currently accessible for $MOXY token holders,” said Matt DeFouw, CEO of “We are also actively in discussions with many notable Web3 games to expand the support for $MOXY competition inside of these games. This expansion reflects our belief in the potential of all games to offer meaningful, engaging, and rewarding experiences. Our new infrastructure is a testament to our commitment to innovation, designed to welcome millions of users and support the future of reward based gaming.”’s initiative marks a significant milestone in the competitive gaming and Web3 space, setting the stage for a future where all games, regardless of size, have access to advanced on-demand global tournament infrastructure.

Moxy is a pioneering video game tournament platform at the intersection of competitive gaming and web3 blockchain technology. Moxy offers a competitive and rewarding gaming environment, featuring tournaments powered by the $MOXY token, providing both traditional and blockchain gamers with a unique, web3 esport experience and real reward ecosystem. With a commitment to expanding the gaming ecosystem, $MOXY token ecosystem, and bringing tangible $MOXY rewards to skilled game players, Moxy is redefining competitive gaming for the quickly growing web3 industry. For more information about Moxy and its initiatives, visit Moxy’s website.