Moxy Art Contest Voting

August 9, 2022

Hello Moxyans,

Weโ€™re delighted to announce the successful completion of the submission stage of the Moxy Art Contest, and the beginning of the voting stage. We want to say a special thank you to all artists that worked diligently to create their unique and amazing Moxy themed art. This competition brought out the creative nature in quite a few talented Moxyans. That being said, all submissions have been tallied and have undergone an internal sweep checking for plagiarism and other violations to the contest rules. 

Below, you will find all of the Moxy Art Contest submissions. The winner will be determined based on community voting. Please choose your favorite work of Moxy Art and submit your vote in the form below.

The voting period will be open from 12:00 AM PDT August 8th until August 20th 9:00 AM PDT. The winner will be announced on a live broadcast taking place on August 20th.

Make sure to submit your vote and make your voice heard!

Best of luck to all participants.

Note: If your submission has not been featured on the voting, please contact us on the website as soon as possible.

Shown in order of submission:

1. Stockervtid (@stockertsg)

2. Ajai George (@AjaiGeorge369)

3. Ajai George (@AjaiGeorge369)

4. Ajai George (@AjaiGeorge369)

5. Ajai George (@AjaiGeorge369)

6. Mello Coms Open (@UgoatP)

7. Vyoub (@VyoubEsg)

8. Zelda (@ZELDALAW007)

9. Dallocrypto (@dallocrypto)

10. Zelda (@ZELDALAW007)

11. Ajai George (@AjaiGeorge369)

12. The Inspector (@doabarrelrolol)

13. Ajai George (@AjaiGeorge369)

14. Rupert Chesman (@ruchesman)

15. Scabboy(@Scabboy01)

16. stockervtid(@stockertsg)

17. Zelda (@ZELDALAW007)

18. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

19. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

20. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

21. MY (@yousufMU)

22. XXXJayXXX (@jaymade88)

23. XXXJayXXX (@jaymade88)

24. XXXJayXXX (@jaymade88)

25. MY (@yousufMU)

26. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

27. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

28. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

29. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

30. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

31. Deserveola {DDD} (@Leit_moritzz)

32. Brendan Maloney (@mrendan)

33. MY (@yousufMU)

34. Lee (@Lee44767955)

35. Genkidama (@marutocakra)

36. Josep (@NHTjoshep)

38. xseb (@xseb11)

39. Kedar Vision (@KedarVision)

40. R.S Crypto (@CryptoM08131458)

41. mATh3D (@3d_math)

42. Nirvs (@nirvs18)

43. WAFFLE โŒโ“ยฐโ“’ (@art_ni_RJ)

44. RPX โŒโ“ยฐโ“’ (@RPXXXA)