Super Bounce


PC, Mac


UFO studios


Action, Casual, Platform

Launch Date:

Bounce for your life! One click at a time.

Why did the ball bounce across the road? To get pickups, boosts, and major points till he got to the other side! With one finger you control the destiny of this little ball of energy. - Keep on bouncin'!

Moxy Competitive Modes

Go for the high score on the leaderboard every day to get Moxy! Top 3 unique players will split the prize: 50% for 1st, 35% for 2nd, 15% for 3rd. 1 v 1 Challenge: Throw down your best runs in one hour and toss it up for another player to beat. Weekend Warrior!: 36 hour battle for the best of the best, sir! It's go time: Receive a notification to an invite of a spontaneous event occurring immediately to win against all comers (details of event in notification).