Spellz Arena


PC, Mac




FPS, Shooter

Launch Date:


Introducing Spellz Arena, the ultimate multiplayer First Person Shooter powered by Elympics that takes you into a realm of spellcasting mayhem! Prepare to wield your magical prowess and engage in exhilarating battles like never before.

Elympics Team is a group of experienced game developers who are not only creating multiplayer games, but above all – Elympics – all-in-one competitive games platform with Unity SDK, hosting and ready-to-use backend services. Refreshing FPS games, Spellz Arena trades guns for mystical powers. Unlike traditional arena shooters, you battle with spells in adrenaline-pumping 3v3 Team Deathmatches. Gather your team, coordinate your tactics, and rain down an onslaught of spells upon your foes. The game is currently at the preview/vertical slice stage, with exciting updates planned for the coming months. These include new Deathmatch arenas, Free For All (FFA) Deathmatch and Domination modes, and gamepad support.

Moxy Competitive Modes

The competitive game modes are a distinctive feature of Spellz Arena, providing a unique layer of engagement and competition. The modes are designed to cater to both casual gamers seeking fun, and the most determined ones aiming to claim victory and the rewards that come with it. The free game mode offers players a chance to join the fun without any cost, subject to a daily limit. This mode provides an accessible entry point for new players and an enjoyable option for those who prefer casual gaming experiences. Moxy team-based play, a singular event, brings about an exciting form of collaboration and competition. In this mode, the victorious team divides the reward pool evenly among themselves, reinforcing teamwork and strategic cooperation as keys to victory. An interactive list of active Moxy events is readily available to all players. This feature allows them to select their preferred game, view the current participants in the event, as well as understand the stakes involved and the rewards offered for triumph. Spellz Arena also grants the possibility to establish their own Moxy events. These player-created events allow for the setting of entry fees, the determination of prizes, and the specification of conditions for joining an event, such as requiring an invitation or a password.