Sociable Soccer 23


PC, Console, Mobile


Kiss Publishing Limited



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Sociable Soccer 23 is a fast-paced, arcade football game from the designer of the legendary Sensible Soccer series, developed by Tower Studios and Combo Breaker,.

The game features interactive leagues and competitions where you can build your own squad with real players and compete against other players’ teams around the world. Game Features ● 30,000 player cards to collect, upgrade and build your squad with ● 13,000 licensed international players (from FIFPro & CSL) ● Fast-paced, intuitive gameplay; easy to pick up and hard to master ● Play multiplayer matches online and locally, or take on AI controlled teams ● Online Leagues: Compete against other players’ teams from around the world ● Club Clash: Represent the club you love in club “clan” clashes against rival’s teams ● World Mode: Compete in 77 real world competitions with the team of your choice ● Online Leagues, Local & Online Multiplayer, Daily Challenges & World Mode

Moxy Competitive Modes

Sociable Soccer has been developed by Jon Hare, designer of arguably the best playing football game ever: Sensible Soccer is so fast that even on mobile the online PVP is smooth and ultra playable. It has fast, fun 3 minute games which is ideally suited for the Player vs Player online experience, especially for Moxy game modes where rewards are on the line in single match play or tournaments.