Powering Play to Earn

  • Moxy is THE ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and funding “Play & Earn” games.
  • Moxy is the Blockchain’s answer to provide a Play & Earn game marketplace that lists popular traditional game titles.
  • Moxy enables game developers to implement rewards-based game modes via Play & Earn.
  • Moxy operates its proprietary Proof of Play reward mechanism that enables gamers to earn $MOXY tokens simply by playing favorite titles.
  • Cross platform support – Proof of Play + Play & Earn on multiple platforms.
  • Moxy Vault offers significant staking rewards and discourages dumping while increasing scarcity.
  • Moxy Forge (our standardized and rich API stack) enables multi-chain and cross-platform development to power the Play & Earn revolution.

Play & Earn is the future of gaming

Day 1 Market Cap

Why does Moxy use a Linear Distribution Model?

Moxy’s Linear Distribution TGE Model was designed to make it harder to aggregate/centralize token ownership. This preserves the ability for meaningful token market dynamics as Moxy Platform is designed to reward game deployment and player participation/skill and not focus on token aggregation.