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As a holder of the $MOXY token, you will be able to compete for real rewards in Moxy eSports enabled games. Moxy eSports enabled games are published on the Moxy Platform, Console, PC / MAC gaming platforms (such as Steam & Epic), iOS, and Android. Why play just for high score and XP when you could be playing for real rewards? MOXY UP!

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When you purchase $MOXY in Moxy Club, the tokens you will receive are native $MOXY on the FLOW blockchain. These are the global eSports tokens that can be used in eSports gameplay in all participating games.

wMOXY is wrapped $MOXY that is available on the Ethereum blockchain, and is typically what is sold outside of Moxy Club. Every Moxy Club wallet has an ERC20 wallet address, to which wMOXY can be sent. When your wMOXY hits your Moxy Club wallet, it’ll be automatically converted to native $MOXY, and you’ll be ready to use your $MOXY for eSports gameplay.

  3. TOTAL wMOXY IN CIRCULATION (Ethereum Chain) 0


$MOXY tokens have been sold thus far in three primary ways:

The first way was through a sale on future tokens (SAFT, simple agreement on future tokens). The rounds are listed below in the tokenomics table. Tokens sold via SAFT are subject to vesting periods as described.

The second way was through a private sale to Moxy Club members which happened at TGE (July 15, 2023, details listed in the below in the tokenomics table). Tokens obtained in the private sale came as 50% unlocked and then 90 day linear vesting.

The third way is through a public offering. This will be a continued practice on a go forward basis. Unlocked $MOXY tokens will be available to purchase in Moxy Club so gamers can easily MOXY UP! and play their favorite games for real payouts. In addition, a steady supply of $WMOXY will be available on external platforms, such as the ones noted above. Be sure to check back often as $MOXY will continue to be available for purchase on different platforms.


$MOXY can be earned in 3 primary ways.

  1. The first way to earn $MOXY is to compete in eSports games.

    eSports game modes are where players each contribute an entry fee in $MOXY to generate a rewards pool, then winners realize the rewards at the conclusion of the game. The more you play, the more opportunity you have to win.

  2. The second way to earn $MOXY is via Proof of Play.

    Proof of Play is Moxy’s exclusive and innovative method to measure and reward engagement on a daily basis. Every activity helps you to earn SCORE, including playing a Moxy enabled game in offline mode and voting in Moxy voting events. SCORE points result in daily rewards. As a simple example, if the Moxy community earned 100 score points in a given day, and you earned 5 SCORE points, then you’d receive 5% of the daily rewards pool in $MOXY. This is in addition to $MOXY you receive from winning competitions in eSports game modes.

  3. The third way to earn MOXY is via Moxy Governance Rewards.

    $MOXY can be used to compete in eSports game modes and access games and masterclasses. If you are a game developer, you can also use $MOXY to submit your game for potential funding. Soon, you’ll be able to use $MOXY to purchase Moxy swag. Stay tuned for more announcements on $MOXY utility. To see which Partners support the $MOXY token, please check out the Partners section on our Team Page.


$MOXY Utility

Not only can $MOXY be used to compete in eSports game modes, but it can also be used to purchase games, purchase masterclasses, to submit your game for potential funding (if you are a game developer). Soon you will be able to purchase Moxy swag too. Stay tuned for more announcements on $MOXY utility.

To see which partners supports the $MOXY token, please check the partners section on our Team Page.



Why does Moxy use a Linear Distribution Model?

Moxy’s Linear Distribution TGE Model was designed to make it harder to aggregate/centralize token ownership. This preserves the ability for meaningful token market dynamics as Moxy Platform is designed to reward game deployment and player participation/skill and not focus on token aggregation.

Wrapped MOXY Bridge Explained – ERC 20

The total supply of $MOXY tokens, our native token, is held at [1] on the Flow blockchain. This represents the total supply of the ecosystem and is taken into account for the market capitalization.

To enable the representation of this token on the Ethereum blockchain, we have developed a wrapped token, $WMOXY, at [2].

When a user wants a wrapped token from our native token, a native token is transferred to a Moxy controlled exchange/reserve wallet on the Flow blockchain and at the same time a wrapped token is unlocked on Ethereum and the native token is locked. In reverse, whenever a user wants to obtain a native token from a wrapped token, we unlock that native token from our controlled exchange/reserve wallet on Flow and simultaneously reserve/ lock the wrapped token in a Moxy controlled wallet on Ethereum. This way, a 1:1 relationship between the circulating supply of $WMOXY and native $MOXY is always maintained, cannot be altered and ensures the reserve in this wallet is always balanced. The tokens are neither minted nor burned, and the total supply is unique, which means the combined number of $WMOXY and native $MOXY in circulation will always equal the total existing $MOXY on the Flow blockchain. In short, when a token is in circulation in Ethereum, the same amount is locked in Flow and vice versa. The total circulation of $WMOXY can never be more than the supply of Native $MOXY. The total supply of 1.5bn $WMOXY can never be in circulation if a native $MOXY does not unlock it, at which point the native $MOXY is locked and no longer in circulation.

The contract listed (1) on Flow represents the Moxy token economy in its entirety at all times.

[1] A.123cb47fe122f6e3.MoxyToken (

[2] 0x0c7cb2Ff04f43A38D54dE62712e5e11757FBa54F

Total Supply & Security

The Ethereum $WMOXY contract has a total supply of 1.5 bn. The initial supply of native $MOXY on FLOW is 1.5 bn. Only the native token supply can unlock $WMOXY supply. The main reason we decided to implement the $WMOXY token in this way is because of security purposes. The Moxy “bridge” does not utilize a mint and burn methodology. Although this is common, Moxy has rejected this typical practice. Moxy has utlized a lock and unlock feature. This makes any exploit highly improbable. The Moxy bridge only locks / unlocks $WMOXY based on native $MOXY. In this scenario, if the bridge is hacked, no $WMOXY can be minted and no $WMOXY can be distributed. Only native $MOXY can cause $WMOXY to be released in circulation and there is no minting function. The typical method of mint / burn creates an enormous security risk if hacked, as an unlimited supply of tokens could then be minted resulting in the complete destruction of the token economy.

The liquid supply of $WMOXY tokens can be calculated using the following formula:

Liquid $WMOXY = Max Total Supply (1,500,000,000) – Balance (currently ~1,458,730,025) = 41,269,975 $WMOXY in circulation as of July 26, 2023 11:30 AM PST.

$WMOXY Etherscan: