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Action, Shooter

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ShockRods is all about adrenaline pumping, high octane vehicle combat. Experience the thrill of insane firepower and mind-blowing agility, plus fun and deadly pickups. ShockRods is a lightning-fast thrill-packed explosion of battling buggy mayhem!

ShockRods is a white-knuckle action arena shooter! * 6 game modes * 8 environments ShockRods have boosters for rapid direction changes and jumping. Driving a ShockRod is easy. When mastered, it becomes a thrill-a-millisecond ride! ShockRods get kick ass weapons. Minigun? Rocket Launcher? Grenade Launcher? Check. Not your style? Try the Balloon Cannon, Freeze Gun or Ram power ups! Customise your ShockRod. Change body style, colour, and patterns, wheel and tyre combos. Choose taunt FX and sounds. Pimp your ride! Stainless is a UK based independent videogame development studio founded in 1994. They made the Carmageddon games and have extensive experience across a whole range of genres. ShockRods was inspired by loving Doom, Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. ShockRods adds the speed and agility that comes from driving super-agile futuristic battle buggies, thus drawing on Stainless Games’ long history and experience developing vehicle combat games.

Moxy Competitive Modes

* 12 player Free-For-All * 6 vs 6 Team Deathmatch Random map selection