Moo Ball


PC, Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo, PS, Steam


The Sixth Hammer


Sports, Casual

Launch Date:

Coming Soon

Moo Ball is an engaging, fast-paced and easy-to-learn online multiplayer 2D football game with flying spaceships and cosmic cows. The game’s simplicity and sport theme make it a fun and exciting experience for all football fans.

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Play with either a huge space cow, or a flying technologically advanced spaceship. Score goals and win matches, go up against your friends in 1v1 modes, or gather with a teammate and form team of two. Level up your playing avatar, unlock new abilities and buy special power-ups. Hone your goalkeeping and goalscoring skills in this fast-paced, action-packed multiplayer space football. Moo Ball will enter its beta phase in late October. After successful beta test, the following month of November will be the time of the full release of Moo Ball. The Sixth Hammer, a boutique game dev studio in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has 15+ years of experience in web and software development, specializing in mobile apps and console games. Growing in staff, capabilities, and projects since 2017, they excel in game architecture, console porting, mobile and indie game marketing, music, graphic arts, and level design. Their inhouse team handles all aspects of the creative process and project management.

Moxy Competitive Modes

Moo Ball presents a wide range of competitive modes to suit every player’s preference. Starting with the challenger mode, which is a quick-search match for 1v1 or 2v2. With the click of one button, you will be matched together with players from your friends list in either a 1v1 or 2v2 arena. The PPP (Private Prize Pot) mode let you choose the amount of Moxy currency you’ll want to place in the prize pot before starting a match. After all the other participants of this mode have placed their own Moxy amounts, the match will start and your team will have the chance to win the whole pot. The entry fee team challenge is a fixed amount arena price – all of the 4 players in the 2v2 match pay the same amount of Moxy currency to unlock the special arena. The winning team takes all. Moo Ball will also have a ranking system in place, which will track various stats of all players. Scored goals, matches won, golden goals scored, etc. – everything will be kept track of.