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Nifty Games


Strategy, Turn-based

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Coming Soon

Chess reimagined through Moxy. Play against others or AI players to become the ultimate Chess Nut! Design avatars, boards and environments as you battle through Play and Earn.

Compete in timed challenges using NFT gas and other unique Moxy features. New play modes such as Chess Nuts: Portals will bring a new dimension to how you play chess. Whether you like playing pure chess or like something a bit more mind bending, Chess Nuts will become your new addition. Some of our uniques features are: • Prizes paid out in $MOXY and $CHSS – a new Chess Crypto Utility Token • Spend $CHSS on NFT Chess Sets, Boards, Backgrounds from the in-game Chess Shop • Player customisable Avatar, Frames and Boards • Prizes in NFT Chess sets, Boards and Backgrounds • Varying from Very Rare to 1 of 10 to Unique or Legendary • Some prizes NOT available in the Chess Shop

Moxy Competitive Modes

Win Matches and Tournaments for $MOXY. Online “match-making” according to Rank and Skill Points. Leaderboards and Trophies & Player generated events and challenges, both Fixed and Open fee matches. Choose how much $MOXY you want to put on the line based on how confident you are in your skills. Skill and Verve are what you need to win the big rewards!