Cards of Yore




Otter Insanity Studios


Action, Tactical, Strategy, Turn-based, Casual

Launch Date:

Coming Soon

A strategy game and trading card game hybrid where you play the board as much as your deck.

Play now! Link on . In the magical world of The Realm, there exists a race of small Druidic deer-like creatures known as the Alkrhin. Historically hard to find, Alkrhin travel the endless forests of The Realm in small herds. Through their culture’s reverence for nature and travelling there arose a desire to teach their young of the life of their native forests. It was from this that they developed a card game, featuring and immortalising the many Fauna and Flora of their home. . They used the cards in the telling of stories and rhymes, and designed the cards as a mirror image to the real forest. At some point lost in time, a trader was taught this game of cards by the Alkrhin and obtained a deck The game fell into the networks of society across the Realm and fast became a popular game. . Many more biomes are being added as more people become enchanted by the cards, though none are as precious as a genuine set of Alkrhin hand-painted forest cards.

Moxy Competitive Modes

As with traditional games, players can purchase packs through in-game currencies without the use of Web3 or fiat. Each pack has a low chance of awarding an NFT. You heard that, no purchases required for getting profits! With a linked wallet containing a Realm NFT, its visual enhancers will be automatically applied and the card becomes available for play during non-competitive scenes. NFTs can be traded on the Realm marketplace for $MOX, and in turn for any of Moxy's bountiful features. CoY Conquest handles NFTs as cosmetic only, and playing a card requires the digital version to be on your account. Exactly HALF of our slice of the transaction fees on any $MOX-related payments will be put into a prize pool for distribution across CoY Conquest tournaments and events. By combining the altruism that Web3 can be used for with the concepts behind socialism and staking, Cards of Yore is sure to provide winnings to those that out-perform their competitors. The NFTs will be given integration into the other Realm franchise titles where possible, meaning that your Snow Inara NFT from Cards of Yore will be given additional benefits in the other games later on. Cards of Yore has been designed as the perfect gateway into the Realm, by providing players with an interactive encyclopedia that is sure to give hours upon hours of knowledge, experience, and excitement. In short, CoY is the prime example of bringing true Play and Earn to your couch, while keeping gaming fun.