Moxy eSports For All: Beta Challenge S2 Instructional

April 21, 2023


Welcome to Moxy Club! You are almost ready to start playing in the eSports for ALL Beta Challenge. Please follow the instructions below to complete the process and join in on the competition.

Step 1 – Create/Sign in to your Moxy Club account

First things first, you must create a Moxy Club account for yourself.

If you already have an account, you can login here.

Step 2 – Setup your wallet

When you first log into Moxy Club, a “Sign in with Blocto” box will pop up in the middle of
your screen.

Open the email that was used to create your Moxy Club account, search for the 6-digit code, and copy it into the Blocto window. Click the “Confirm” button, and then click the “Approve” button to finish the wallet setup process.

Step 3 – Add a game to your library

To play games in Moxy eSports mode, you must first add the game to your library.

On the Left Navigation, Click on the Moxy Games icon.

Under the BattleRise Game, hover your mouse over the cover image and click on the “Games page” button.

On the BattleRise game page, scroll down and click on the Purchase Game button (you will not be charged anything for the game).

Click Yes to verify you wish to purchase.

Once you have completed the purchase process, you will see the following on the BattleRise Game page

Step 4 – Authorize your Gaming Balance

To participate in an eSports event, you must authorize the amount of MOXY you wish to play with. This is an added security measure inside Moxy Club that prevents you from playing with more MOXY than intended. For the Beta Challenge, we will move your entire 2000 MOXY testnet tokens into your Authorized Gaming Balance.

On the Left Nav, Click on the Wallet icon

Under Wallet Balance, you will see 2000 MOXY, you now need to move them into your Authorized Gaming Balance.

Under Authorized Gaming Balance, click Deposit

Type in 2000 and click Deposit

Click Approve.

Your Authorized Gaming Balance will now show 2000 MOXY

Step 5 – Download the Moxy Game Launcher

At the top right of any screen inside Moxy Club, you will see the Launcher Download.

Click to start Downloading

Click to Download the Windows or Mac version of the launcher

After downloading the Setup.exe or .dmg file, double click to start the installation.

Verify path and click Install

Click Finish and the launcher will open

Use your Moxy Cub email and password to login

Step 6 – Download BattleRise in the Moxy Game Launcher

Inside the Launcher you will see BattleRise is ready to download.

Click the Download button under BattleRise and click Install at the next prompt

To verify Download has started, click on the Download Manager link in the left navigation of the Launcher

Once download is complete, click back to Library on the left nav and you will see BattleRise is ready to play

Click Play

Step 7 – Play your first game of BattleRise in Moxy eSports mode

Once loaded into the game, you will choose a gameplay slot and then sign in as a guest. You will be taken through a BattleRise tutorial and into a few short tutorial matches.

Once you reach the below stage of the tutorial, you can click the back arrow in the top left corner to leave the dungeon.

Now that you’re back to the homescreen, you can link your Moxy Club Account by clicking on the MOXY token along the top right hand side of the screen

Enter your Moxy Club email address in the “Enter email” field and click the “Send Email” button

Check your email and copy the game code into the “Enter Code” field, and then click “Send Code”

Once you see this screen, you are ready to compete in the Moxy Beta Challenge.

Click the “X” button in the top right hand corner and go back to the main screen.

Click the “Play” button in the bottom right hand corner and click Moxy Tournament mode.

You can select the Bronze League or Silver League gameplay, each with different rules.

You are now ready to play your first Moxy Beta Challenge event! Good Luck!