MOXY Ecosystem

Moxy Technology

The Moxy Platform is built on Flow. By building on Flow, Moxy is harnessing the immense power of a future-proof ecosystem.

Flow’s rich stack, token mechanics, existing stablecoin, NFT ecosystem, smart contract framework, developer tools, and unbelievable customer support were just a few of the many reasons why Moxy is built on Flow.

Play & Earn

Play & Earn rewards players for skill and achievement. Each title in the Moxy Ecosystem will have its own unique mechanics on how Play & Earn rewards are earned.


  • A user may earn tokens by playing a game that requires an entry fee creating a rewards pool for winner(s).
  • A multiplayer combat game that may reward the highest performing team for winning the most team-based matches
  • The top 3 teams in a tournament can have sliding scale rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • 1v1 private match where users can determine entry fees and rewards pool.

Each title will have the ability to implement its own unique Play & Earn model via Moxy Forge.

Proof of Play

Moxy Platform is bringing the concept of Proof of Play to both the Blockchain and gaming worlds.

Proof of Play pays DAILY rewards to Moxy Club members.

Proof of Play rewards engagement, loyalty, and contribution to the Moxy ecosystem where Play & Earn rewards skilled play.

Proof of Play is powered by a proprietary algorithm that aggregates a user’s engagement and interaction with the various parts of the Moxy Ecosystem. This is accomplished by an extensive smart contract on Flow.

The Proof of Play smart contact is powered by a NEVER SPENT pool of PLAY tokens.  1% yearly APY of the Proof of Play balance is minted into $MOXY DAILY for Proof of Play rewards.

$MOXY TOKENS WILL BE RELEASED DAILY to Moxyans who contribute via Proof of Play from various actions such as:

  • Logging play time on games
  • Referrals to ensure new Moxy Club members join the platform
  • Creating user generated content for participating games
  • Voting on projects
  • Funding projects (purchases from a Treasury sale)
  • Logging into games with meaningful interaction
  • Total time on game (not AFK)
  • Contribution to Moxy social media interactions
  • Becoming Moxy Certified or Verified
  • Completing Master Classes
  • And more…

Moxy Vault

Moxy Vault is a key Moxy innovation that works to protect the Moxy ecosystem by rewarding small-scale participants and key stakeholders alike.

MV is a sub token held by Moxy Club members. Club members can gain MV at any time by locking $MOXY to MV in a 1:1 ratio. MV holders earn daily rewards PAID IN $MOX TOKEN based on the number of MV tokens they hold and how long they hold them for.

The more MV you hold: the more $MOXY rewards you receive.
The longer you hold MV: the more $MOXY rewards you receive.

MV is non-fungible.  Moxy Club members can only buy MV by LOCKING $MOXY and MINTING new MV.

MV can be sold at par value which UNLOCKS the deposited $MOXY.  $MOXY to MV is instant, MV to $MOXY is a process that happens daily over a 90 day linear distribution schedule and direct deposit to a MOXY wallet.  During this time, the user still receives rewards for their MV balance remaining.

Moxy Vault exists to protect the Moxy ecosystem from volatility while still rewarding users for using Moxy Vault.

Moxy Forge

Moxy Forge powers Moxy’s DApp Ecosystem and API Stack. This extensive set of proprietary DApps and
APIs power all of Moxy’s core functions such as Proof of Play, Play & Earn, Moxy Vault, Moxy’s NFT Metaverse,
Moxy Club, etc.


Moxy Forge is a feature-rich and standardized API stack which will enable cross-chain and cross-platform development to facilitate the following to new and existing titles:

  • Add Proof of Play
  • Add Play & Earn
  • Add Moxy Club and user accounts
  • Add cross-chain rewards to blockchains outside of FLOW
  • Add cross-platform rewards and user interactions between platforms like Steam, iOS, Android, Origin, Epic, Nintendo, XBox, PlayStation, etc
  • Add Moxy’s NFT Metaverse + creation + rewards
  • Capture of transaction fees and monetization by the title/publisher

Moxy Launch

Games are submitted for funding consideration in Moxy Club, voted on by members and funded via treasury sales.

Moxy funds projects on a quarterly basis. The schedule is as follows and repeats every quarter:

  1. First month of the quarter:
    • Project submission – game titles submitted to Moxy team
    • CLOSE treasury sale for previous quarter
    • Fund previous quarters winners
  2. Second month of the quarter:
    • Finalists chosen by Moxy team of veterans
    • Moxy Club members VOTE on finalists
    • Announce winner(s)
  3. Third month of the quarter:
    • Announce treasury sale to fund new projects
    • OPEN treasury sale to fund the winning projects based on winning project funding requirements