Super Squad




Bad Fox Studios


Action, Shooter

Launch Date:


A twitch reflex, high octane mash of MOBA and Arena Shooter; grab your friends, choose your trooper, and launch into a multiverse of fun-filled combat.

Welcome to Super Squad, the game that takes MOBA and Arena Shooter gameplay and puts you right at the heart of it. Choose from a vibrant roster of characters that span the multiverse, squad up with your friends, and take on the Portal Realm together! There are tons of crazy maps, troopers, and combinations that mean no two games are the same.

Moxy Competitive Modes

Think you’ve got the best squad out there? Soon, you’ll be able to put it to the test! We’re teaming up with Moxy to bring a host of exciting new tournaments and events to Super Squad. Your level of engagement is your level of reward; keep it casual with 'Proof of Play' and get tokens based on your hours in game, or up the ante with 'Play and Earn' by entering tournaments and trying to get your hands on the fabled Moxy prize pool…