Mech Hunters


PC, Android, Other




JRPG, Sandbox, RPG, Action

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Coming Soon

Machine Hunters is a Sci-Fi adventure aimed at lovers of robots everywhere and who does not love robots?

Earth, once a flourishing planet filled with life, is now devastated after humans caused an ecological disaster. As a last desperate act, scientists froze human clones in the hope they would one day wake to return the planet to a habitable state. Awakened too early, a new generation of young humans (Junkers) take on the responsibility of reshaping their world. To do so they team up with their Mechs, the only means of traversing the devastated world.

Moxy Competitive Modes

Battle Arenas, Last Man Standing and King of the Hill challenges. Player generated Capture the flag events and full blown Group knock out tournaments make Mech Hunter a great Play & Earn game with lots of opportunity to win $MOXY. Grab your Spanner, loot those resources, build that Mech and kick some steel butt. "There's $MOXY in them yer hills"