Fall of the Valkyries


PC, Android, Others


MetaInfinity Digital AB



Launch Date:


A new age dawns and the world is ready to be reclaimed. Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

Fall of the Valkyries - A World Betrayed, is an open-world fantasy game where you create and develop your own hero to interact and cooperate with other players to reclaim a world that has been lost to a terrible curse. Together with other players you will help rediscover and rebuild the world, all the while trying to uncover its mysteries to find out if there is any truth to the old legends. * Explore an open-world fantasy realm with rich lore and ancient mythology. * Gather, create, and trade items, resources, and real estate in an in-game, player-driven economy with NFT optional components.

Play & Earn

PROOF OF PLAY Through their in-game accomplishments, players will be able to measure their progress. In the game, achievements will unlock new bonuses, new crafting abilities, new titles, and powerful new items. With Moxy Proof of Play integration, the same progress will also count towards Moxy’s SCORE rewards. VOTE TO EARN We look forward to engaging the community with voting! Players will be able to vote on the content they would like to see developed next and which community ideas they would most like to see implemented. We also have something special planned for in-game contests and events (more details to come later). PLAY AND EARN Through the Moxy Proof of Play mechanic, players will have a brand new way to earn $Moxy. However, we also intend to provide an opportunity for players to sell materials, blueprints, recipes, crafted equipment, and other items, to each other. It is very important to us that our Players are rewarded for their time, and see time playing Fall of the Valkyries not just as an extremely enjoyable experience, but also a rewarding one.