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Forge offers maximum flexibility

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Moxy empowers game studios to implement eSports in any way that best suits their game(s). Our API stack can easily be utilized for multiple game modes, individual or team based competition and single or multi-event play.
Capture the attention of the industry’s fastest growing segment by implementing Moxy eSports modes into new and existing titles. Instantly increase appeal and broaden your audience and boost profitability.
Moxy adds an entirely new revenue stream to your games

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The ONLY Marketplace featuring on-demand eSports

Moxy is THE place for games that feature eSports style competition for real rewards. Easily integrate Moxy mechanics, and publish your game on the Moxy platform while leaving your original version listed on other popular platforms.
Oh yeah did we mention Moxy is fully compliant with regulatory requirements?… we know, it’s a no brainer, get started by registering today!

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Moxyans are who we aim to please.

Enable Moxy With SSO

When the game is started, users will be able to login into Moxy Club within the game, activating Moxy eSports game modes.

Moxy Event Participation

Payments & Custodial wallets.

All entry fees are deposited into a custodial wallet holding the rewards pool until the event is finished.

Results & Reward Allocation

When the event is finished two actions happen:

  1. The event is confirmed to be closed and the results of the event are returned to Moxy.
  2. The reward pool is disbursed based on the event results and based on the parameters of the API chosen by the game developer. All payouts are logged on the blockchain.

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