Moxy eSports For All: Beta Challenge Instructional

April 2, 2023

Welcome to Moxy Club! You are almost ready to start playing in the eSports for ALL Beta Challenge. Please follow the instructions below to complete the process and join in on the competition.

Step 1 – Add a game to your library

To play games in Moxy eSports mode, you must first add the game to your library.

On the Left Navigation, Click on the Moxy Games icon.

Under the Super Squad Game, Click on the View games page button.

On the Super Squad game page, scroll down and click on the Purchase Game button (you will not be charged anything for the game).

Click Yes to verify you wish to purchase.

Once you have completed the purchase process, you will see the following on the Super Squad Game page

Step 2 – Authorize your Gaming Balance

To participate in an eSports event, you must authorize the amount of MOXY you wish to play with. This is an added security measure inside Moxy Club that prevents you from playing with more MOXY than intended. For the Beta Challenge, we will move your entire 1000 MOXY testnet tokens into your Authorized Gaming Balance.

On the Left Nav, Click on the Wallet icon

Under Wallet Balance, you will see 1000 MOXY, you now need to move them into your Authorized Gaming Balance.

Under Authorized Gaming Balance, click Deposit

Type in 1000 and click Deposit

Click Approve

Your Authorized Gaming Balance will now show 1000 MOXY

Step 3 – Download the Moxy Game Launcher

At the top right of any screen inside Moxy Club, you will see the Launcher Download.

Click to start Downloading

Click to Download the Windows version of the launcher. (Note: for Season 1 of the Beta Challenge, only PC based Windows launcher will be available)

After downloading the Setup.exe file, double click to start the installation.

Verify path and click Install

Click Finish and the launcher will open

Use your Moxy Cub email and password to login

Step 4 – Download Super Squad into Moxy Game Launcher

Inside the Launcher you will see Super Squad is ready to download.

Click the Download button under Super Squad and click Install at the next prompt

To verify Download has started, click on the Download Manager link in the left nav of the Launcher

Once download is complete, click back to Library on the left nav and you will see Super Squad is ready to play

Click Play

Step 5 – Play your first game of Super Squad in Moxy eSports mode

Once loaded you will be taken through a Super Squad tutorial and into a tutorial match. Once completed, you will be go back to the Super Squad main menu.

To play in the Moxy Beta Challenge:

Click on MOXY on the top Nav

Click on Events (note you can see your available MOXY balance)

Click on the Staked Domination tile for 50 MOXY

You are now ready to play your first Moxy Beta Challenge event! Good Luck!