• $100,000
  • MOXY
  • 1,000,000

Introducing the Moxy eSports for ALL Beta Challenge. The goal is simple – beat your fellow players and rack up MOXY tokens to progress through four Beta Seasons and help the Moxy team get ready to launch the first eSports platform ever. And what’s at the end of the rainbow, you might ask? MOXY tokens, Moxy Collectibles, and Cash prizes baby! That’s right, the top dogs on the Moxy Leaderboard at the end of the fourth season will get their hands on some sweet prizes that include cold, hard cash (USDC), MOXY tokens and Moxy Collectibles.

  3. RULES

Countdown to Season 1

00 00 00 00

Season of the Squad

Season 1

Quick Rules

Each Season will consist of 7-14 days of game play, where players will compete against each other in eSports style matches for MOXY testnet tokens.

Players will start each season in the Beta Challenge with an airdrop of 1,000 MOXY tokens (testnet).

Players will earn MOXY by winning eSports style matches against other Moxy Club players and by referring other players to Moxy Club.

Gameplay will require a KYC’d Moxy Club account and an internet connection and players must be 18 yrs of age or older.

To be eligible for Challenge Prizes, players must log a minimum of 10 games per season.

Any players caught abusing the Challenge will be banned from Moxy Club.

To enter the Moxy Beta Challenge, players must:
  • Join Moxy Club
  • Complete KYC registration process
  • Download the Moxy game launcher – PC


What’s up
for grabs!?

What’s at stake? Well, we’re throwing in a total cash prize pool of $100,000 worth of USDC plus a hidden amount of MOXY tokens. Each season will contribute a piece of the pie based on the number of players participating and the top-performing players will take home some sweet prizes. Each season players will be reloaded with 1,000 MOXY beta tokens, with any winnings from prior season carrying over.

There’s cash!

Season Winners 1-4 : $5,000 USDC each

5 Legendary Prize packages: $5,000 USDC each
20 Epic Prize packages: $1,000 USDC each
50 Rare Prize packages: $500 USDC each
100 Uncommon Prize packages: $100 USDC each

Mystery Moxy Tokens!?

Season Winners 1-4: Moxy Tokens each

5 Legendary Prize packages: Moxy Tokens each
20 Epic Prize packages: Moxy Tokens each
50 Rare Prize packages: Moxy Tokens each
100 Uncommon Prize packages: Moxy Tokens each
500 Common Prize packages: Moxy Tokens each

Let others know and respawn early

Referrals reward you

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Not only can you earn MOXY by winning games, but you can also earn extra MOXY by referring your friends to join the Moxy Club. For every KYC’d player you refer, we’ll give you 50 bonus MOXY beta tokens to help boost your chances of climbing the leaderboard. Referred players must play at least 10 games per season to qualify. And there’s no limit to how many people you can refer. So, go ahead and spread the word.

At the end of the day, the players with the most MOXY will take home the biggest piece of the prize pool pie, with everyone else receiving a share based on their final rankings. So, bring your A-game and get ready to compete in the first eSports competition open to all players. It’s the perfect mix of eSports and big money prizes, and with the added incentive of bonus MOXY for referrals, there’s no reason not to jump in and join the fun.